Synonyms for Flight

departure; an act or instance of diversion (i.e., escape, exodus, passage) [+] exit; an act of going out or leaving (i.e., retreat, removal, withdrawal) [+] the heat preceding combustion [+] the brief procrastination of gravity [+] the hesitation of the flame [+] the margin between sky and soil [+] the interval between dancing and drowning [+] to live on instinct + fear survival [+] to speak static into slaughter [+] to speak chaos into carnage [+] to flee [+] to fire a bullet into wind + drown the shell [+] to be the shell + the bullet [+] to enlarge an aperture so hollow as to swallow (i.e., blood, spit, saltwater) [+] to dub the unknown as heaven [+] to buckle + bend so violent you swear you can touch heaven [+] to touch heaven

from the upcoming album Liquid Smoke.

ELEGY (i.)

i’m told that if you
fold a piece of paper in half 42 times,

the result is long enough
to reach the moon. somewhere

you hover between 33 & 34 folds.
i pleat the first crease.

you enfold me in your arms
divided by the delicate murmur of

electricity & hushed breaths.
the city unfolds

from daylight to dusk.
a car whizzes by.

we never speak of this moment.
i seal the fourth crease.

we are engulfed by the gentle
hiss of the radiator,

the muted hum of the TV screen. you reach for the
power button. i grab your hand.

after seven creases
the paper is too thick to fold further.

i unravel it & see a boy tango
with the space between static & saltwater.

in the margins, i scribble your name —
Luka. Luka. Luka.

the bridge unwinds into music
& then nothing. the car

whizzes by & the city unfolds
from gentle whispers to muted static

& you reach for the power button
but no one grabs your hand. if i were to

fold this into an airplane &
throw it off the Golden Gate,

i wonder how far it would fly.