I Leave the Bagels Unfinished

i could
have eaten them –
the bagels, i mean.
they went stale yesterday
& i could have eaten them.
today, mold.
i could have eaten them,
except they come in packs of six
& have a shelf life
of four days,
meaning i would have to
eat one & a half bagels a day,
a dilemma i did not consider
when i bought them last week.
i will not half-ass a bagel, so instead
i leave them blue
& pungent & spotted
like a herpes-infected smurf.

i could
have seen you before you died,
bought a plane ticket
or called
or sent a letter
but i was at work or school or
busy studying,

speak this unspeakable truth.
speak mundane’s cruelest language.
till you are stale
& restless & nothing
but compost.
in enough time,
all decay looks the same –
& pungent & so,
so unfinished.

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