ELEGY (ii.)

in an instant
the blood runs

& the eyes shut
& the lungs shriek for air.

you ask how i’m feeling,
& i respond

whatever the opposite of weightless is.
& what a sick & sadistic

symphony silence performs.
how strange a song

held breaths compose.
of course

you reject the music & instead
insist on an orchestra of heartbeats & pressed lips

& i make no sound
except the frantic arrangement of tremors & gasps

like the percussion of
skyline & sea

& you glide your fingers along my thigh
& i wonder

if this is how it feels
to will away gravity. again

you ask how i’m feeling,
& i croak out an ensemble of worship

two octaves above my natural voice.
what a brief & beautiful rhythm lust is —

to chant crescendos of tension
& drown in the downbeat.

i tell you i fear the ocean;
you say you’re a strong swimmer.

we kiss,
& for six seconds

i believe it.